Welcome, as you’ve probably already gathered my name is Scott Pringle and I’m a software engineer from Scotland (currently based in Dundee)

I have commercially been writing software for the last 4 years, although there’s at least 6 years before that when I was doing this just for fun in my bedroom!

What Do I Do?

As I mentioned above I am a software engineer. Primarily I work in PHP and even more specifically in the Symfony framework (both 2 and 3).

Over the years I’ve tried my hand at many a language and I’m sure I’ll continue to do this over the years, a full list of languages I work in are below.

As well as being a programmer I have also done some bits and pieces in the DevOps sphere, mostly around making sure I can work with nice, clean development environments.

I am a big advocate of the Microservice architecture of software development and deployment (and service-oriented architectures in general). Have a service do one thing and do it well, rather than being a soup🙂

All The Keywords

If you’ve reached this point you’re probably looking to read about all the tools and languages I’ve got experience in that are in a CV (or I’ve played around with), although if this were my CV I think I’d eventually bin it for being too long!

  • Agile
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Behaviour Driven Design
  • Continuous Integration & Delivery
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Docker
  • Elasticsearch / Cloudsearch
  • Git
  • Linux
  • Memcached / Redis
  • MySQL / Postgresql
  • NoSQL
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Symfony (2/3, Doctrine)
  • Slim3
  • Test Driven Development (PHPUnit/PHPSpec)